Getting Through the Manufacturer Challenges

Develop Pricing Strategies That Help Grow Your ROI

At PriceManager, we believe that managing prices is a continual activity that your enterprise should consistently review and optimize. We help you observe the global product pricing model, which determines how your pricing strategies position your brand and products in the market.

Forming a well-analyzed pricing strategy is an integral part of effective decision-making. But for a manufacturer, is it as easy as it seems?


Manufacturer Challenges: The Bumps in the Road to Success


The market is unpredictable! Forecasting future demand and setting your prices are tough nuts to crack However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. The more complicated challenges that a manufacturer faces sometimes seem beyond understanding.

Imagine yourself releasing your products to third-party operated channels for sales. Do you realize you have placed your brand reputation and profits in their hands?

  1. If the channel imposes an unreasonable mark-up, the market and customers can assume that your products are overpriced.
  2. If the channel applies an extremely low price tag, the market and customers can assume that your products might be low quality or lack features.
  3. If the channel is inadequately stocked, the market and customers can assume that your products are hard to source.
  4. If the channels do not showcase all the model features, the market and customers can assume that your products are under specifications.

In such conditions, when nothing appears to be in your grip, you need a smart and efficient MAP price monitoring and analyzing tool to help you determine and form the right pricing strategy suitable to the market and your profitability.

And That's When PriceManager Comes into the Picture!


Find Out the Competitiveness Index

Our MAP price monitoring and price intelligence solution offers you the most relevant and accurate metrics for similar products your competitors deal in. You can determine your price indexes and compare them with your competitors in terms of brand and category.


Know Your Current and Predictive Positioning

With PriceManager, you not only figure out your current positioning regarding price competitiveness but also get insights into how it could evolve. This helps understand how it affects your sales and re-evaluates them to look more competitive.


Understand About the Market Trends

You can easily learn about the market's increasing and decreasing pricing trends by understanding the price and index trend graph provided by PriceManager. It assists you in being more precise in launching your campaigns and optimizing your product assortment purchases.


Maximize Your Sales with AI-enabled Solution

The PriceManager MAP price monitoring and enforcement tool is not just for manufacturers looking for MAP violations. Manufacturers can also utilize it to formulate their MAP prices. By leveraging AI and ML in connection with data analysis from the reseller channels, you can set a price that drives maximum sales.


Base Your Pricing Strategy on the Analytics and Data

It's always better to base and support your critical decision-making and product pricing strategies on facts and analytical data. Being attentive to customer needs and your competitors' tactics could help you stay one step ahead in the market.

Now is the time to look for an integrated price intelligence approach that uncovers quick wins and long-term stability.

Get in touch with us and learn more about the benefits of PriceManager's MAP monitoring tool.