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Best coverage and quality ratio of product matching on the market:

If you are familiar with pricing software, you will know that the most important point is the accuracy of the matches. PriceManagers proprietary technology not only uses UPC and brand sku to make the matches but where other solutions encounter problems, if the UPC is not searchable on the target site, PriceManager comes into its own. For products that are either the client's own Private Label brand or are generic, PriceManager matches according to attribute. We will look at the industry and category-specific attributes for a product, such as size, gauge, material, etc, to find a match for a product. The client can provide us with specific notes, which the Data Manager will utilize in the searching process. The Data Manager will research the products to ensure that the proper attributes are being considered. Once the system has determined the proper match, our Human Quality Assurance Team will review each of the matches to ensure that they are accurate according to the client and Data Manager matching notes.

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Usability, Personalisation and Scalability:

Our reports are designed to be meaningful and actionable. Each report flows naturally to views of additional details, and our interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The strength of our reporting is one of the backbones of our service. We can customize any additional reports you may need. We have clients tracking over 1m SKU's and clients tracking just 2. If you only want to monitor or have 100 different competitors in each location PriceManager is the solution or you

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Client support:

From initial training through to day to day performance, our team will assist you in meeting your objectives. We are available by phone or email. We want you to experience not only the benefits of our price tracking tool, but a seamless implementation and ongoing use as well. We have been in this industry for over 14 years and some of the team have been with us from the start. Competitive intelligence is in our genes and we have specialists in all industries who understand the challenges you are facing.