Pet Supplies Competitive Intelligence

Get a Complete 360 Degree Market View to Enhance Your Competitive Strategy.

Pet Supplies Competitive Intelligence

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Track All your Competitors Activity in Just a Few Clicks

Convert This Valuable Data into an Effective Pricing and Marketing Strategy.
Keep an eye on your competitor's pricing strategy with PriceManager. It automates price monitoring and gives you customizable email alerts if your competitors prices reach a particular level or gap different to your own prices. You can even check what they'd priced on different occasions. This means you'll have a complete idea of how your competitors are pricing and offering promotions. Leverage this data to craft an impeccable pet supplies pricing strategy.

These days, it has become indispensable for both retailers and D2C brands to have knowledge of customers' purchasing behavior and what products similar to theirs are available. But finding the right product match to determine the competitor's pricing structure is daunting. This is because some generic private labels are copying the attributes of the premium brand, not just in packaging but active ingredients and descriptions as well.

PriceManager has the ability to find those matches. The tool can gather all the concerning data points related to price and product description so your pricing and marketing team can combat the threat of high competition. Also, you can check competitors' promotional activities, whether displayed on their home, category, or product landing page.

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Know Your True Competitors and Price Smartly

PriceManager can track the activity of your competitors directly from their own sites, we don't just use shopping engines. There's no misleading data,only meaningful and accurate insights. In case you don't know your competitors, we'll help you.

Once We have detected all your competitors, we will show you their fresh and correct data, including products, prices, stocks, and shipping. Understand the gap between you and your competitor's pricing structure. Adjust your pet supplies products prices accordingly.

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PriceManager Advanced and Flexible Matching Feature

    Challenges in Product Matching In The Pets Supplies Industry

  • Non-standardized product names

  • Different packaging

  • Variations in package sizes and volumes

  • Product variations

  • Another size packaging on a single product page

    PriceManager Competitive Intelligence Solution

  • Auto-matching feature

  • Standardize the Unit of Measure

  • Match products by attributes

  • Scan unlimited websites, shopping engines, and marketplaces

  • Consider variations when scanning and shows you the most similar products like yours

  • Capture prices/quantities for individual tiers

Save Your Time for Critical Decisions. Leave Competitor's Price Monitoring To Us.

Check your competitor's price in a few seconds whether it's an individual product, an entire brand or category. Make data-driven pricing decisions. It means a quicker time to market with less risk of loss and losing customers and more opportunities to generate new customers and revenue.

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What We Offer

  • web-based monitoring system

  • Compare thousands of SKUs

  • Saving you time, money, and resources

  • Scan a specific product or a whole assortment

  • Search unlimited competitors

  • AI-Driven technology

  • Customized reporting and data feeds

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard

  • Email alerts

  • High-quality, valuable insights

  • Customizable charts and graphs

  • MAP tracking and enforcement

  • Check your brand vs. competitor brand placement for specific keywords or in certain categories

  • Highly accurate product matching

  • Dynamic pricing recommendations

  • Complete analysis of competitors' pricing

  • Historical price trends

  • Check individual competitors' products for more detail

  • Know which competitors' pricing is more or less than yours

  • Google Analytics and Secret Shopper Data integration

  • Highly secured

  • Separate portal for each client

  • Don't harm your competitor's store

  • Capture Add-to-cart prices

  • We provide technical knowledge, a user manual, and a dedicated Account Manager to help you understand our system

  • Our data science experts support

  • PriceManager helps you adjust your pricing and lets you take control of your brand image - a win-win situation.

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