Household and Furniture Pricing Intelligence

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Equip your brand or store with insights into competitor's price changes and promotional activities!

AI-Driven Solution for 24/7 Competitors Price Tracking

Leverage the power of AI to decide on the correct pricing for your products. PriceManager's powerful competitor intelligence gives you access to your rival's pricing model.
Search any of your products or a whole assortment on various marketplaces. Get meaningful, actionable insights into competitors' data, like add to cart price, shipping, stock, and other online information, to set the best pricing strategy.

Integrate our web-based monitoring and analytics tool into your system. Get custom reporting, data feeds, and instant alerts whenever your rivals change their prices.

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Uncover How Your Competitor's Price

Knowing your competitor's price is not enough. You should also consider how they price. This is extremely critical, especially in the household and furniture industry because retailers who have static pricing strategies have become more active with their promotional and dynamic pricing. So, to get a competitive edge, you need to adopt a robust competitive intelligence solution.

PriceManager allows you to see your rival's pricing history. This means you can know how they'd priced their products on special occasions and how it fluctuates with dates, traditionally home furnishings have been resilient to value pricing strategies as customers sought out quality and were prepared to pay a premium price to attain it. Our trend analysis reports indicate that is changing and retailers will need to adapt or profits will suffer.

Onced armed with that information when the next key trading period comes around you know what their strategy will be and can get in front of them.

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Complete Solution for Both Online Retailers and Manufacturers

Some businesses work with established brands and well-defined part numbers. While others don't. In the second case, finding the right match manually is costly because of variations in part numbers, colors, and material, so it will be a lengthy and time consuming process.

You need a solution to consider these issues and provide your competitors' price listing accordingly. PriceManger will easily do this task.

Our powerful solution comes with the ability to find matches by attributes. You can rest assured about the accuracy of our tool, matching is reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team. With PriceManager, you can track individual websites, marketplaces, and shopping engines.

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Get Actionable Insights to Outsmart Your Competitors

No more manual methodologies to know competitors' pricing. Let PriceManager do this for you. Leverage this data to plan marketing strategies in line with the competitive landscape.

PriceManager's easy-to-use and intuitive interface lets you see your competitor's pricing with just a few clicks. All you need to do is specify who'd you want to track and leave the rest of the job to us.

Our unobtrusive web crawlers scan as many sites as you require to list the pricing of products most similar to yours. The tool is flexible enough to consider different matching challenges and show results accordingly.

Pave a better way to increase customers, sales, basket size, and profit.

Try before you buy. Request a free demo now.

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