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Craft Winning Pricing Strategies with State-of-the-Art SaaS Competitive

Switch From Reactive to Proactive Pricing Strategy with PriceManager

Get meaningful, and actionable insights into your competitor's pricing and offerings.

Use AI 24/7 to analyze how your competitors are pricing from an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard. Understand the gap to create effective and impactful pricing strategies preparing you to win the price war, fight promo pressures, and save margins.

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We Help You Optimize Your Entire Product Portfolio.

PriceManager stores your preferences, product assortment, and your competitors. Our tool will identify and send you a customized email alert when your rivals change their pricing. This lets you actively adjust your pricing strategy as per the market trend.

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Overcome Competitors Price Comparing Challenges

Dynamic Pricing

Actively adjust product price. PriceManager keeps an eye on your competitors and comprehensively analyzes their costs and promotional activities. Utilize this data to develop a dynamic pricing strategy to stay on the better side of this competitive .

Offer Irresistible Discounts

In the health and beauty sector, customers often seek promotional offers. PriceManager gives you a complete market overview to stand out and attract customers. This lets you know which vendor's prices are less or more than yours. You can develop .

Standard Price Monitoring Function

Matching health and beauty products is difficult because of different packages/volumes and frequent product variations. You need a smart monitoring tool that can compare products by the ‘unit of measure' and consider all these differences. PriceManager .

    Best-in-Class Pricing Solution

  • Easily search for a specific product or whole assortment.

  • We match your products.

  • Scan websites, shopping engines, and marketplaces.

  • Check individual sites or stores to know the availability and discounts they are offering.

  • Built-in AI-power.

  • Flexible enough to consider different matching Easy Google Analytics and Secret Shopper Data integration.

  • Easy-to-use, web-based solution.

  • Compare as many vendors and competitors as you need.

  • Monitor prices daily.

  • Provide full price, shipping, stock, and other online information.

  • Interactive and easy-to-understand dashboard.

  • Send you an alert whenever your competitors change their pricing.

  • Show the historical price trends of your competitors.

  • Secure platform.

  • Your anonymity will be protected while scanning your competitors.

  • Export results to excel or any preferred form.

  • Offer comprehensive training, a user guide, and a dedicated Account Manager to help you understand
    our solution..

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