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Address Challenges and Compare Accurate Pricing Matches

The toy and game industry is highly volatile in terms of pricing. Sales are highly reliant on peak days throughout the year. Around 70% of revenue comes in the eight week period of November and December.

Providing customers the best value for their money will automatically help you drive higher revenue in this competitive period. You need to monitor rivals' pricing and promotional activities actively. However, doing this task manually is a costly solution.

You need a powerful solution that can match products with high accuracy. That's what PriceManager does. Its robust technology lets lt match the products by attributes and show the most accurate results.

Core Features

  • Price Comparison made easier especially during peak sales period

    A few clicks, and you'll know your pricing position. With PriceManager, search your entire product assortment or only best-selling products and compare your pricing with competitors.

  • Full Market Overview - Segmented as per products and customer demands

    Compare your products with all your competitors within a single interface. Know which are selling at a higher or lesser price than you and what the customers prefer!

  • Price Change Alert

    PriceManager continuously monitors your competitors. When your rivals change their pricing, you'll get a quickly customized e-mail.

  • Automate Competitor's Price Tracking

    No need to scan your products every day. Utilize PriceManager's automatic competitor price tracking functionality.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Get all your competitor's pricing data in a comprehensive tabular and graphical representation. See your rival's pricing history and create a marketing strategy for your future.

  • Smart Crawlers

    PriceManager uses unobtrusive web crawlers to collect and compare rivals' data and show you the results with accuracy.

  • Easier Integration

    It's a web-based SaaS solution. In addition, it comes with Google Analytics and Secret Shopper Data integration.

  • Identify Pricing Opportunities

    Easily know which of your products are overpriced and underpriced. Adjust the pricing in line with the competition.

  • Flexible

    Every industry has unique challenges, making product matching manually and with standard tools difficult—for example, no standardized part number, packet size, material, and color. PriceManager is flexible enough to consider all these facts and show you the best possible results.

  • Check Hidden Prices

    Some competitors hide their prices and don't list UPC or Brand SKUs, making price comparison difficult. But PriceManger can drill to the next level. It compares prices by capturing Add-to-cart prices and working with all data points on the category or product landing page.

  • Secured

    Our competitive intelligence tool is highly secured and keeps your data safe. We provide separate portals to each customer and are happy to sign NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement).

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