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Offer the Best Prices Across the Industry with Our Proactive Price Intelligence Tool

In a fast-paced industry like Consumer Electronics, where products are introduced and
discontinued more frequently than others, monitoring the prices becomes crucial. Especially when over 90% of the buyers prefer checking and comparing the prices online before making a purchase decision, you must have competitive prices to make or hold your position in the market.

PriceManager understands that you might have large product catalogs, and that's why our scalable solution plays a key role in optimizing prices and assortments for a wide range of products.

Price Monitoring and Repricing Hitting the Consumer Electronic Market All the Way

The consumer electronics market is booming - it reached $415.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to hit the $441.8 billion mark by 2022 at a growth rate of 6.25%. The rising market competition has made it easy for buyers to afford their favorite electronic products.

According to several pieces of research, price is the most relevant factor shoppers seek while buying a product online. So, imagine how profoundly it can impact your sales and profits if your products do not have a competitive price.

Offering competitive prices is the key to attaining popularity among your consumers, and that's why you need a smart price monitoring tool to track all the delivered SKUs among all the relevant channels. Moreover, you can get appropriate insights about changing market trends and opportunities for increasing profits.

Not Just Competitive Prices, Get Data Points to Fill the Competitive Gap!

Consumer electronics generally have a relatively limited and unpredictable life cycle due to technological advancements and the release of new visions of similar products. It implies that you might end up stacked if your products are not adequately competitive.

Since your competitors are selling products with similar features, the product price and other data points could play a major role in deciding who would be the market winner. With PriceManager's price tracking tool, you can analyze the pricing strategies and other relative data in the marketplace and reprice your products accordingly.

Automate Your Pricing for Faster Results

PriceManagers allows you to automate your product's pricing when you provide specific conditions to eliminate manual work and additional time. With this, you can always stay one step ahead of your competitors and set your price a little less or more according to the current market trends.

Get the Best Functionalities and Critical Analytics Reports

Clear Market Overview

Identify the most relevant competitors and check your position in the consumer electronics market.

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Match and Compare Products - Segmented by category, brand, and manufacturers

PriceManager allows you to go through the entire market regarding a single product to get actionable insights into all the competitors offering it.

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An Integrated and Well-organized Dashboard for All the Relevant Information

PriceManager is a one-stop solution for all your queries. Get all the relevant data in a well-descriptive manner in one panel.

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Dynamic Pricing with Real-time Alerts

You can follow the Google shopping feeds for competitive pricing, but they are often outdated or incomplete. In fact, sometimes they are misleading as they do not present and analyze the full range of competitors' products. With PriceManager, stay updated with daily alerts and implement dynamic pricing based on a detailed analysis of all the products and customized configurations.

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