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Leverage Competitive Pricing Solutions to Get Hold of the Market

While this pandemic has badly impacted the revenue growth of many industries, the automotive aftermarket manufacturers got the best chance to turn this tragedy into an opportunity. The prices of used cars have risen dramatically and that has removed the option of trading in when a vehicle becomes run down. This increased demand for car parts to keep the older vehicles running means the right price strategy is vital, get it wrong and you're leaving money on the table every time you make a sale. When you add this to the fact that there is a shortage of electrical parts and supply chain problems in getting the stock in the first place, then this industry has the greatest need for competitive insights. Add to a complete package of robust features at your fingertips to meet today's challenges.

But Why Do You Need to Know All This?

With an increase in the demand for auto parts purchases, you can gain immense profits by forming effective automotive pricing strategies. For that, you need to keep an eye on the competitive pricing models that change as often as they can; if your prices are not competitive enough, you might lose the sale to your competitors.

A Complete Package of Robust Features at Your Fingertips
  • Sites are tracking and blocking bot traffic
  • Since price changes occur so often, recording the product price daily is essential.
  • Also, some tracked sites display lower product prices in the cart or offer different shipping charges based on their ZIP code.

Moreover, price wars can damage your profit margins as businesses rush to the bottom and give up their profit for more sales.

Currently valued at $740 billion, the global automotive aftermarket is expected to reach $2.7 trillion by 2030, according to McKinsey.

Using PriceManager's intelligent pricing solutions, you can derive actionable insights into your competitors' auto parts pricing strategies. Analyzing and acting upon these insights efficiently using the information can help you create a credible source of extra revenue in this challenging industry.


Retailers are moving to a value price strategy; How Will PriceManager help you do the same?

Aligning the Prices with Evolving Customer Expectations

The automotive industry is undergoing significant changes due to rising consumer demands, accelerating technical advancements, and changing competitive landscape. All this will impact how buyers, automotive vendors, and other businesses perceive vehicles and driving and how the automotive aftermarket will operate and generate value.In such a scenario, you need a price intelligence solution like PriceManager that derives data-driven results from multiple sources required to deliver optimized prices to satisfy your customers' needs.

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Get Detailed Information about the Market with Predictive Analytics

PriceManager's automated price intelligence services leverage predictive analytics around market demands to deliver the best customer experience while driving more revenue at the same time. With this, you get insights into the existing trends and forecast outcomes using current strategies.

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Get Control Over Everything

Better pricing, margin, and cost management across all sales channels, as well as greater insight into bundled services costs, contract expenditures, and contract coverage, are necessary to turn an automotive aftermarket spare parts industry into a profit unit. Some tracked sites display lower product prices in the cart or offer different shipping charges based on their ZIP code.

PriceManager's robust, web-based reporting and analytics tool offers you complete control over all the competitive platforms and digs up new revenue channels for your business. It also has the ability to track these data points in different locations.

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Re-evaluate and Enhance Your Auto Parts Pricing Strategy

When you have all the facts and details regarding your competitors' pricing strategy, you can confidently make strategic pricing decisions that accelerate sales and boost revenue. Moreover, you can deliver more personalized offer recommendations to your customers, enhancing brand loyalty and profits at higher margins.

Don't Miss the Most Critical Part of an Efficient and Robust Auto Parts Pricing Strategy — Competitive Advantage in the Market.
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